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Pilar has experienced disease and illness through her family history and for this reason changed her diet and lifestyle. I myself have also experience minor health issues in the past and after almost 2 years of eating raw and cooked whole foods I feel so passionate to share the positive benefits of this amazing way of life. Lunch Begin every lunch with a big salad or enjoy a salad as your main dish.

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Snacks Replace between-meal snacks with fresh fruit or make a double-batch of your morning smoothie and enjoy the leftovers any time. Rawtarian's Chocolate Icing. Make It This white cake recipe is very versatile. Get creative! Try combining with raw whipped Raw white cake recipe.

Make It You haven't lived until you've had this raw cream cheese icing recipe with a big, nice Raw cream cheese icing recipe. Make It This raw carrot cake recipe does require dehydrating, but it's still simple to make.

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Raw carrot cake recipe. Make It This raw frosting recipe is basically easy, although it does require sunflower lecithin Raw frosting recipe. Make It This is the perfect raw chocolate icing. Just blend and use! Dates, coconut oil, cacao Raw chocolate icing. Make It This raw chocolate cake recipe is a perfect base for a simple, moist chocolate cake. Raw chocolate cake recipe. Read It Here are some fancy raw food ideas for parties that you can proudly show off to your fr Fancy raw food ideas for parties or special occasions.

Make It Try this raw apple walnut cake if you're looking for a light, moist cake. Dehydrator fr Raw apple walnut cake recipe. Make It This simple, crustless raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is easy and delicious. Sweet, cre Raw chocolate cheesecake recipe. Join today to unlock instantly. Jaw-Dropping Desserts Want to impress? Make It This delicious raw chocolate cream pie requires only 1 step and 1 piece of kitchen equi Raw chocolate cream pie recipe.

Read It For quick easy raw desserts, be sure to keep the basic raw dessert ingredients on hand Easy raw desserts. Make It These raspberry bars add lovely color, and they are easy to keep in the freezer so you Raw raspberry bars recipe. Make It Although these cranberry lemon cheesecake bites look pretty fancy, they're actually qui Raw cranberry lemon cheesecake bites.

Make It These raw chocolate shortbread bars call for a lot of lemon juice, but that's the secre Raw chocolate shortbread bars. Make It This simple raw chocolates recipe combines a few simple ingredients into chocolate shap Raw chocolates recipe. Read It Craving some healthy sweetness right about now? Then check out these five fruity raw ve Read It Looking for the perfect raw icing or spread for your freshly uncooked raw cake?

Check o Watch It In this video, The Rawtarian shows you how to make raw chocolates. A blender is require How to make raw chocolates video. Make It This is a delicious raw chocolate chia pudding recipe. If you get the ratios right, it Raw chocolate chia pudding recipe.

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Read It This post shares some of The Rawtarian's popular dessert recipes. Brownies, lemon bars, Top-rated raw desserts. Read It Frozen desserts are easy to make, and oh so handy to whip out of the freezer and serve! Make It Best indication that these raw butterfinger bars are irresistable? I made a batch with Raw butterfinger bar recipe. Make It This surprisingly green cheesecake uses kale's vibrant color to make a raw sweet kale c Raw sweet kale cheesecake recipe. Read It What treats do you have planned for mom this Mother's Day? If you want to spoil her o Raw Desserts for Mother's Day. Pie Contests Try one of these delicious and surprisingly easy raw pies.

Make It This raw banana cream pie recipe is awesome. It's actually pretty fast to make - just a Raw banana cream pie recipe. Make It This is my go-to, standby raw pie crust. I like this recipe even better than carob or c Raw pie crust recipe. Read It Here are some delicious raw pies that are super easy to make. Recipes include Raw Banan Easy raw pies.

Make It These strawberry shortcake treats are a perfect summer dessert!

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A food processor and a Raw strawberry shortcake pies. Make It This is an easy raw apple pie recipe that requires a food processor to make. Once compl Raw apple pie recipe. Watch It In this video, The Rawtarian shows you how to make raw vegan chocolate haystacks. Raw chocolate macaroons - No equipment required. Talking about--none other than--raw br Raw Food Podcast Brownies. Make It This super quick banana pudding recipe gets the job done when you're looking for a quic Raw banana pudding recipe.

Watch It In this video, The Rawtarian shows you how to make raw vegan chocolate avocado mousse i Make It This raspberry crumble mixture requires a food processor to make, but with only 4 ingre Raw raspberry crumble recipe. Make It These simple little raw chocolate truffles taste just like the real thing. From left: my soul sister and the one responsible for introducing me to Hay House Michelle, my sissy-in-law Saskia and my own sister-face Alissa.

A few words turned into such a long gratitude list, you couldn't stop me talking. That little muffin inside was all blissed out and still with so much gratitude pouring though my body. A tad proud of my cake, made using a combination of recipes from the book, especially having had my sister rolling the cute energy balls, my chef Eddie decorating the cake and Rebecca Campbell blessing it. My favourite human, personal recipe taster and loving husband, Elliot. Can you believe how much goodness is in here?

And all in support of the book launch!

Thank you so much for such generous gifts: Superfoodies, Dr. It was a hit and a half at The Uncook Book launch above , it's the first recipe of the Party Section in the book and it includes my favourite ingredient combination EVER.

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