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How did you learn AdWords? Did you bother to get certified once you figured out the platform? Originally from the U. Home Blog. Last updated: February 19, Paid Search Marketing. I have a confession. Dan Shewan. Find out if you're making mistakes with Google Ads. Sign up to get our top tips and tricks weekly! Thanks a lot Mark. Cheers Mark. To answer you question: it depends on how users interact with your post. If it keeps people on your page, then yes, videos could definitely help. Great post for anyone from beginner to a veteran to drive more organic traffic.

Also loved the part about content curation, Curated links are insane right now for ranking. Google Correlate is a little wonky with certain keywords. Really good list! I just changed my description and title tag to see if I get any visible increase in traffic. Hey Brian, thank you for blasting your adience with very high quality content. Its really actionable and when I start reading your posts, i know, i will read every letter of it, mostly not once, but many times!

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I have a question, which is cause by no. Right now im working on a concept to reduce our structure, and delete many unnescassary URLs. Besides our regular Homepage, we also have a help site for our software customers. We dont want to delete these pages ofcourse, because these provide extra knowledge for our customers, but ofcourse in terms of SEO they do horrible. Do you think, the subdomain impacts on our main site? If yes, could a noindex Tag do the same charm as deleting trash pages? Hey Dennis, good question. If the page adds values to users, you can always use the noindex tag on those pages instead of deleting them.

I have heard first time this Google Correlate feature. Brian you should create one blog about it as well. We can use it to create different content for one particular keywords. One more kick-ass post from Brian! People feel those who share useful information. I love Brian and Neil. Two coolest dudes in the industry! Thank you for the great post. A great summary and inspiration for getting further in SEO. The post itself sets an example that great content works.

Great stuff, Brian. So much in-depth stuff in your articles — they literally take away any excuse someone may have to not become great at SEO.

Brian — I have a question about zombie pages. I have an e-commerce where most of the physical products are sold once. Right now, after a product is sold out, I keep the original listing page available at the store but I add the category link at the top of the page.

6 Ways to Learn AdWords Without Getting Certified

In that way, the customer can search for another product within that category. Hi Valy, it depends. If the pages bring in traffic, then you should keep them. Otherwise, you might want to redirect to the category page or just delete the page. Needless to say we had a lot of thin content… A few years back we embarked on a journey to cut out the dead wood, combine the good stuff, and create the long form content you espouse on your website. And guess what? It gives us time to update the content when necessary and keep it fresh, rather than scratching our heads trying to figure out what new and exciting way to spin divorce mediation!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have to say that this is one of the few SEO strategies that seems to always work. I have found a good free image generator here: image-sitemap. Does the order of keywords have an impact on its ranking? Thanks for your help!

The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Do you recommend a or a ? I was wondering if you by this reply really meant ? Also, what is your take on the many suggestions out there saying that making redirects is always better than deleting pages? I understand that reason is that it is or is in risk of being spam-ish to just redirect everything. Thanks so much for sharing those tips Brian. I just subscribed you and am looking forward to hearing more practical SEO tips. Every single article on your blog is really really helpful. Do you know about Google prioritizing text that comes through animations?

Hi Brian Thank you for this excellent masterpiece! I bookmarked this post and I learned a lot of practical SEO-tips! Regards, Geert. Got to admit, the Zombie pages is hugely underated. Hi Brian, Really good list! Thank you for this great resource Brian! It has given me the inspiration to take action and overhaul my content in Thanks so much for sharing such great tips Brian.


Hi Brian, After reading this post I have changed some of my blog post title and descriptions.. By the way great detailed article with high value. My website is in Hebrew so some tools here not really working cause of the writing direction but still, this is so valuable. Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing such informative post! One question i was having, are jumplinks same as table of contents? Hi Jack, good question. Jump links are usually used in a contents section. But they can technically be used anywhere on a page.

6 Ways to Learn AdWords Without Getting Certified | WordStream

I was rereading this post and I noticed that the more I know the more I gain from this post! CRAZY how much content is on here. You are an inspiration.

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I thought initially to change the meta description. Being on the 3rd place and at the same time having such a low CTR, serves a search intent. I hope you have understand me. Hi Brian. Great article as usual.

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At what point do you give up a particular post as a bad job and delete? Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Use Title Tag Powerups 2.